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Piano & Other Instruments

  "Willow Tree Waltz" by Nancy Faber
"Arabesque" by Friedrich Burgmuller
   "Chinese Doll" by Vladimir Rebikov
"Seventh Street Blues" by Martha Mier
             Vocal Warm-up- Octave
 "Spinning Song" by Albert Elmenreich
 Christmas Duet- "Frosty the Snowman
                    Group II Scales
Miscellaneous Instruments- Strings, Winds, Percussion, & Handbells
             Viola Assessment #1
           Viola Assessment #3
            Viola Assessment #2
           "Let it Be" on Ukulele
                        Clarinet Proficiency 
    Cajón Drum Percussion- Concert Bell Choir
     Westminster Concert Bell Choir- "Novus"
    Concert Bell Choir- Readings & Carols 2022
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